Our family opened the Yaletown location in 2012 and the Chinatown location in 2018.


DD Mau (Go-go-fast in Vietnamese) started off as an idea for a food truck and since then has spawned into a dream to share our love for Vietnamese cuisine. 


Our parents are from Tra Vinh Province, Vietnam. During the Sino-Vietnam conflicts, they fled the country seeking to create a better life for us in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. We grew up eating Vietnamese food daily with the occasional Pizza Pops or Lucky Charms thrown in. Bánh Mì sandwiches consisting of bread from the Italian bakery with cha Lua and Maggi were a staple in our lunch boxes. We woke up to the smell of Bò kho or thịt kho on the weekends before our weekend morning cartoons. Evenings were filled with helping our parents make spring rolls and experimenting with ingredients they purchased at the markets. Not only did they go through astounding efforts to build a future for us but they sourced ingredients to recreate the dishes they grew up on to share with us. This is the true meaning of tradition. 


DD Mau is inspired by the food we grew up on and meals we have had through our travels in Vietnam. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we do.


Always remember,

Ăn Ngon, Ngủ Ngon.